AboutJacob Studio

Jacob Studio fashion house was established by Tali and Netzach Ben Yaakov, a mother and daughter that are fourth and fifth generation of a broad family of designers originated from Italy.

The studio was established as a direct expression of  the love of Arts, tailoring, fashion and creativity that was passed down through the  generations to the female relatives dynasty.

The Mutual love for design and the generation gap has created a unique connection that is particular on the one hand- design language gazing towards the future and on the other hand designs inspired from antique styles, this combined with contemporary spirit form unique wedding gowns, full of chic & elegance and resulting in a fresh taste to the world of wedding dresses.


Tali Ben-Yaacov

graduate of Integrated School of the Ministry of Labor and Professions Shankar fashion School of textile and technology, Also has training in designing and styling in the Faculty of professional studies Shankar & witzo in Haifa. famous for its luxuries reputation.

Has extensive experience in general designing and in evening & bridal gowns in particular. In 1993 she managed a design studio for wedding & evening dresses with hundreds of pleased brides and mother in the record. she always make sure to give personal attention to each and every one of her clientsand is well known for her meticulously works and high level of performance and accurate.

Netzach Ben Yaakov

from infancy she breathed design & fashion and endowed with great talent, even though she could learn all the tricks of the trade from her mother she did not skipped on the academic studies Phase, she graduated 4-years degree in “Shankar”, one of the best design school in Israel, shw was selected for internship at the fashion studios in Germany.

her work were displayed at the clothing Museum in Bilbao, Spain and even some of her designs have been chosen among the five most valued works in international competition for young talents, her work exhibited at “Vogue” fashion house in Italy and were chosen to walk on the catwalk in israel and overseas.

Jacob Studio wedding dresses

Our Wedding dresses are sewn from the most prestigious high-quality raw materials. We meticulously combining ornaments alongside antique & new lace fabrics meticulously sewing them by hand while maintaining a clean and elegant sewing lines.

Each gown is tailor-made especially for every bride, while we, as a team- are committed to create the optimal dress of your dreams, a wedding dress that is fashionable and thrilling.

Sensitivity, attentiveness, and especially commitment and responsibility, are the values leading us when we come to create your dress, because we believe success relies on our mutual work together and you are worthy of our attention in order to fulfill your one time dream to become a reality.